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Participate in suzhou green lighting exhibition

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 International green lighting exhibition in September 2010 3-5 in suzhou international expo center 4 A museum unveiled grand. AmBrite with its high power LED series products took part in the exhibition, and by the majority of the industry and many the customer the consistent approval and the high praise, has obtained the good promotion effect.

Low carbon energy saving, let lighting more comfortable. In this exhibition, our new launched multiple series of LED outdoor lamps and lanterns. Our street lamp, tunnel lights, project-light lamp, line lamp, shoot the light, industrial and mining lamp etc LED products, in small power LED lamps and lanterns instead of high power traditional light source, can effectively save lighting electricity, and reduce the produce glare and light pollution. New display LED lawn lamp, garden lamp, buried lights and other landscape lighting lamps and lanterns also receives the general customers the inquiry and favor.

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